You’ve opened the world’s largest photo studio in Japan. Tell us a little about the studio itself and what it aims to accomplish.

There certainly are larger photo studios than our Shinagawa studio, at this time however, Tokyo is Amazon’s largest studio globally.  “We are delighted to be able to open Amazon Fashion’s largest imaging studio in Tokyo which is seen as a global mecca for fashion,” said James Peters, Vice President, Amazon Fashion. “Amazon has grown to become one of the leading online fashion retailers in Japan. Our aim is to have our customers use Amazon Fashion as a place where they can purchase fashion items with comfort and ease. We always want to improve the experience of our customers when purchasing fashion items online. The studio will enable us to produce high volumes of top quality photography and video, so customers can better see the colour, cut, fit and quality. Our goal is to continue to innovate the Amazon Fashion shopping experience.”

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What kind of work is done in these studios?

Imaging all of our products is a key service supporting Amazon’s objective to become the largest and most preferred shopping destination.  We fulfill this service by creating an inspired shopping experience with high quality media and other content to showcase product in the most honest and appealing manner.

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EIZO’s ColorEdge CG2730 and CG2420 monitors, as well as ColorNavigator Network software are used in Amazon Fashion studios worldwide. Why did you choose EIZO and what benefits are you experiencing with these products?

EIZO is known as one of the industry leaders so, it is no surprise we would be looking to work with a team that is ahead of the technical curve and willing to participate in robust conversations like EIZO has.  Amazon also has many studios globally that are not standalone fashion studios accounting for the need to audit and replicate image quality as a global standard.  Amazon decided to replace all colour critical monitors to EIZO approximately 2 years ago and develop a strong relationship with EIZO due to these factors. 

Are there any further aspirations for Amazon Fashion that you wish to share?

Amazon is always changing and trying to inspire with innovation.  Whilst I cannot share anything that has not released yet, do look to Amazon for not only honest images but also to be ahead of the technological curve in how we produce those images / media.

Monitors employed at Amazon Fashion:

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