True HDR

At 1000 cd/m2, the ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3145 achieves the brightness necessary to display HDR content. With a contrast ratio of over 1,000,000:1, darker hues are reproduced with impressive depth in true black. ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3145 qualifies as a Dolby Vision mastering monitor and supports two gamma curves used for HDR video – hybrid log-gamma (HLG) and perceptual quantization (PQ) curve without an automatic brightness limiter (ABL). This allows images to be displayed with the correct brightness and colour – for a true HDR experience.

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DCI 4K Resolution

The ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3145 features DCI 4K resolution (4096 x 2160), which corresponds to a much higher pixel density than Full HD (1920 x 1080). This makes the HDR reference monitor the ideal tool for post-production.

»We were really astonished with the dynamics that EIZO presents with the CG3145 PROMINENCE.«

Marc Versteeg, Managing Partner at Pirates´N Paradise

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CG3145 Wide Gamut
Wide Gamut

Wide Gamut ensures that the two most common gamuts in post-production are covered: 99% of the DCI-P3 gamut and 80% of Rec.2020. In this way, colors are reliably displayed in accordance with industry requirements.

10-bit Colour Depth

With 10-bit colour depth based on a 24-bit LUT, the ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3145 delivers more than a billion colors simultaneously. The colour gradations are finer and the distances between adjacent colors (delta E) are lower.

Precise colour rendering thanks to high-resolution 3D look-up table

The 3D LUT provides for the most precise tone value allocation possible and extremely exact colour tone rendering, which is shown amongst other things in the grey scale. Brightness levels in relation to the image signal vary from module to module in LCDs and the colour mixture (addition) of red, green, and blue also varies. This can be exactly determined and controlled only with the aid of specific measuring devices. EIZO therefore configures all of its monitors in the CG series and its colors and tone value curve in the factory. This results in a consistent colour temperature over the entire grey scale. The result: The colour reproduction is equal, precise, and reliable across each individual CG3145 monitor.

Photograph: 3D look-up table
The 3D look-up table also has the following benefits when working with films: Thanks to the ColorNavigation software included, you can emulate the colors of film material. This means you can see how the image will look when it is played. The 3D LUT also improves the additive mixture of colour in the monitor (mixture of red, green, and blue). This is a key factor for displaying neutral grey tones correctly.

ColorNavigator NX
Colour Management

"The ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3145 supports the ColorNavigator NX quality control software from EIZO. ColorNavigator NX offers functionalities for client-side quality control and asset management of ColorEdge monitors. You can use this software to assign individual values – for brightness, white balance, or gamma settings, for instance – to specific projects, even if the values differ from the preset colour mode. This calibration information is stored directly in the monitor.

ColorNavigator NX offers functionalities for quality control and asset management of ColorEdge monitors.

More about ColorNavigator NX

Constant tone value over the entire screen

Digital Uniformity Equalizer (DUE) controls all tone values over the entire monitor, pixel by pixel. The effect: colour tones appear identical at each point on the screen, without the brightness fluctuations you experience in conventional LCDs. The DUE function also balances out the effects of fluctuations in ambient temperature on the colour temperature and brightness. You will enjoy consistently even luminance distribution and perfect colour purity. A real plus when touching-up images.

Stable brightness, no colour deviation

The alpha and omega for exact image editing: constant brightness and colour temperature. Patented electronics balance out brightness fluctuations that may arise due to extended periods of use and increased environmental and operating temperature. Thanks to a built-in thermometer, colour deviations caused by fluctuations in room temperature are eliminated and automatically reduced. The colour rendering remains absolutely constant over a long period of use, right from the start: because the warm-up time until brightness, colour, and tone values have completely stabilized is just seven minutes. That is a quarter of the time normally required.

Foto: EIZO Helligkeitsstabilisierung

Port and Video Compatibility

Thanks to the HLG and PQ gamma curves, the ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3145 meets the relevant standards for professional HDR post-production. It is also able to work with a wide range of formats, including 10-bit 4:2:2 at 50/60p via HDMI and 10-bit 4:4:4 at 50/60p via DisplayPort.  

For Film production: 3D LUT Profiles

ColorNavigator NX can use 3D LUT files from the colour grading of films to create data for emulation on the monitor. This film emulation is available for up to five colour modes on the monitor and is designed to simulate the coloring of films.

Quick Operation

Operation is simple and clear. The button guide, a functional overview on the monitor, clearly indicates the function of the respective button on the control panel. Thanks to the backlit buttons, the monitor can even be operated in dark environments. This is particularly helpful in dark post-production studios.

Frequently used commands or setting options can be individually assigned to two function buttons. If, for example, you assign a specific gamut to a function button, you can quickly and easily alternate between two gamuts at the touch of a button. There are ten of these shortcut options available in total.

Button Guide

Foto: Factory Adjustment
Exact colour reproduction – factory calibration

With LCD panels, the image display can vary from module to module. That is why each ColorEdge monitor is precisely measured and calibrated in the factory. The gamma curves for the red, green and blue channels are tested according to strict parameters and corrected if necessary. This unique EIZO factory calibration enables the user to start using the monitor with the preset gamut right out of the box. In addition, the factory calibration allows the user to quickly recalibrate the monitor if needed using ColorNavigator.

Gamut Presets

Presets for the standard gamuts Rec. 2020, Rec. 709, DCI, PQ-Rec. 2100, PQ-Rec. 709, PQ-DCI, and HLG-Rec. 2100 are preinstalled. Users can directly, quickly switch between them at the touch of a button on the monitor.

Foto: Safe Area Marker
Safely in sight thanks to the safe area marker

Ideal for captions and critical images: Thanks to the safe area marker, you will know which area of the screen is displayed on another output device. You will therefore see immediately whether subtitles, text, or other important image elements are in the visible area. So that the marker can be clearly seen in all images, you can change the marker colour.

Aspect Marker

The Aspect Marker enables the display of DCI 4k image areas (4096 x 2160 pixels) or 2K video material (2048 x 1080 pixels) that are displayed in varying ways when reproduced on different devices with differing aspect ratios.

4K Zoom

Users can quickly and easily make selections directly in the monitor menu to zoom in on various areas of the monitor image so as to assess details and sharpness. 

4K Zoom

Luminance Warning

The Luminance Warning allows areas that exceed a certain brightness (300, 500, 1000, or 4000 cd/m2) when PQ mode is used to be highlighted. These areas can be highlighted in the user’s choice of yellow or magenta.

EIZO CG3145 Luminance Warning

Gamut Warning

The Gamut Warning operates in two modes: Rec. 2020 image content that can’t be displayed in the Rec. 709 gamut is displayed in greyscale. Alternatively, clipping mode is simulated in Rec. 709 to show how Rec. 2020 material would look on HDTV devices.

Gamut Warning

For the eyes: flicker-free work

To help protect your eyes, EIZO has developed a hybrid technology to control the backlight. This combines the benefits of the otherwise standard PWM (pulse width modulation) and DC (direct current) control. The PWM control uses much higher frequencies than standard PWM methods. The result: a flicker-free viewing experience. Flickering is reduced down to absolute freedom from flickering, without impairing image quality or colour stability.

Foto: Lichtschutzhaube
Protection against glare thanks to the monitor hood

The monitor hood reduces reflection and brightness on the screen and helps protect your eyes. It is easy to attach and reduces the amount of light that hits the screen from above and from the sides.

Five-year Warranty
Five-year Warranty

EIZO provides a five-year warranty (repair in the service centre). This is made possible by a highly developed manufacturing process, which derives its success from one straightforward principle: innovative and sophisticated monitor technology manufactured from high-quality materials. The warranty also covers the LCD panel itself, for a duration of 10000 hours of monitor usage time.

Color and Brightness Guarantee
Colour and Brightness Guarantee

From the date of purchase, the monitor is covered by a colour and brightness guarantee for up to 10.000 hours of monitor usage time at a maximum brightness of 800 cd/qm and a colour temperature of 6.500 K.

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The HDR reference monitor, ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3145, is the first monitor to overcome the severe drawbacks of other HDR technologies that are available in the market today.

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Frequently Asked Questions
I cannot see the recommended resolution. What might be the problem?

This may be a problem with the graphics card driver. Please install the latest driver for your graphics card and restart the PC with the monitor.
Older graphics cards may not be able to display this resolution. In this case, you will require a new graphics card with the matching output.

There may be pixel errors on LCD screens. How does EIZO deal with this?

Screens have millions of pixels, which each have a surface area of less than a hundredth of a square millimeter. These elements may have defects, which are expressed by them being constantly lit or unlit. Visibility is fundamentally dependent on the surrounding area. For example, lit elements are almost invisible in a bright environment. Each LCD screen is unique in terms of pixel errors.
To give you a clear statement about what frequency of pixel errors EIZO deems tolerable, EIZO screen models are tested according to internationally recognized standards. On average the actual levels are in fact far below the tolerances across all of the devices. LCD modules that do not meet these requirements are not used at EIZO. Depending on the model, EIZO monitors have a zero pixel error guarantee for completely illuminated sub-pixels (partial pixels ISO 9241-307). Valid: six months from the purchase date.

What does the USB hub do?

In connection with a USB-compatible computer, the monitor acts as a hub, to which other USB-compatible peripherals can be connected.

How do I clean the surface of my EIZO LCD monitor?

To keep your monitor looking like new at all times and to prolong the service life of your device, we recommend cleaning it regularly. Clean the casing and LCD surface as described below:

IMPORTANT: Never use thinner, benzene, alcohol (ethanol, methanol or isopropyl alcohol), scouring agents or other strong solvents as these may damage the casing and the LCD display.

Remove marks by wiping the casing with a soft cloth, which you have previously moistened with a mild cleaning agent. Never spray wax or cleaning agents directly on to the casing. (The manual contains exact details.)

LCD display
Where necessary, the monitor surface may be cleaned using a soft cloth (for example a cotton cloth or glasses cloth). Stubborn marks can generally be removed by wetting the cloth with a bit of water to increase the cleaning strength.

What does gamma mean?

The colour tone rendering is relative to the change of the input signal level. This relationship is generally known as the gamma characteristic. In image reproduction, low gamma values result in white images and high gamma values result in high-contrast images.