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You give your best shot every day and know that achieving the best results is what’s most important.

At EIZO, we also live by this principle. We strongly believe that, whether you work at the office or from home, you will only be able to achieve the best results if  you have the best image quality, best ergonomics and best features at your disposal. This is why we always do our best to produce the best monitor for every application. We hold ourselves to high standards – and that’s exactly what you can expect from us. Welcome to EIZO.

Perfect ergonomics for the best performance

Office Monitor

You spend several hours every day working at your computer desk. That’s why it’s so important for it to be perfectly tailored to your needs. Our monitors are equipped with unique ergonomic features that ensure that you enjoy a better posture and experience less eye fatigue while you work. That’s because anyone who wants to make the most of their work needs to feel their best.

Ergonomic features at a glance
Perfect brightness level

The Auto EcoView functionality adjusts the brightness of the monitor to the ambient lighting conditions. This reduces glare and improves perceptibility, while also lowering energy consumption.

Flicker-free screen

Flickering is significantly reduced with the aid of hybrid technology developed by EIZO to control the backlighting. This in turn reduces eye strain.

Optimum antireflection coating

Fully antireflective surfaces prevent annoying reflections. This increases readability and you can also enjoy a better posture as you no longer have to sit in an uncomfortable position to avoid glare from the screen.

Less blue light

Paper mode simulates the brightness, contrast and colour temperature of printed documents. The advantage of this is that it reduces blue light and therefore alleviates strain on the user’s eyes.

Flexible screen positioning

Being able to precisely adjust the height of your monitor and tilt and swivel it using the flexible stand means that you can find the most comfortable position for your posture.

Best colour settings

Automatic colour mode allows you to assign an optimal display mode to individual applications. As soon as you open an application, the screen switches automatically to the predefined FineContrast mode.

Ideal lighting conditions

The Circadian Dimming functionality lowers the colour temperature of the monitor over the course of the day. This reduces the amount of blue light, which lessens the potential effect on your natural biorhythm and sleep cycle.

More good reasons
Image quality

LCD monitors by EIZO are popular among users because of their razor-sharp images, precise colour and greyscale reproduction and their innovative panel technology.


Meticulous finish, high-quality components and strict quality controls ensure our monitors’ exceptional longevity and reliability.

Clean Desk

Our screens give every workstation a tidier and more modern look, from docking functionalities to multi-screen solutions, right through to Thin Client mounts and practical cable routing.

Five-year warranty

Our warranty is based on a simple success principle – producing innovative monitor technology with first-class materials.

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