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Visual Solutions for Maritime

EIZO provides a range of visual solutions for ships and offshore structure. From chart table and ECDIS/RADAR monitors for route planning and navigation, to ultra-high sensitivity video cameras for onboard and offshore surveillance, EIZO provides high performance visual systems essential for maritime operations.

Crewless Autonomous Ship Project

EIZO will participate in a crewless autonomous ship project for social implementation, administrated by the Nippon Foundation, as a member of DFFAS+ (Designing the Future of Full Autonomous Ships Plus) - a consortium of companies formed to develop the automated systems which will allow ships to safely function without a crew onboard. The program aims tor full-scale commercialization of fully autonomous ship technology by 2025.

EIZO's role in this project is to utilize the strengths of its "Imaging Chain" to develop a solution for capturing, transmitting, recording, and displaying video data and marine sensor information for the realization of sensor fusion technology - a core part of autonomous navigation systems. EIZO's system processes and corrects video data in real time for accurate assessment by autonomous navigation machines, which utilize image recognition and AI. Furthermore, EIZO's ultra-high sensitivity video camera is built to be robust for deployment to vessels. EIZO's integrated video system is developed to be ideal for managing video data both on board and on land. 

EIZO monitors in a multi-monitor installation at the land-based operations center.
Photo courtesy of the DFFAS CONSORTIUM. Do not reproduce.

Chart Table Monitor for Route Planning and Navigation

EIZO offers a 55" 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) chart table monitor with multitouch as a practical solution to paper navigational charts. It provides ample space and functionality for multiple operators to view crucial navigational information.

Monitors for ECDIS / RADAR Applications

Steadfast Quality for Maritime

Providing ships and offshore structures with equipment that will continue to operate optimally even in harsh conditions is essential for maritime. DuraVision maritime monitors are approved and certified by major maritime classifications, such as DNV (Germany / Norway). LR (UK), ABS (USA), NK (Japan), and EU RO MR to meet IMO (International Maritime Organization) regulations.

Durable and Reliable

DuraVision maritime monitors comply with the conditions for temperature, humidity, and vibration as defined in the IEC 60945 international standard for maritime navigation and radio communication equipment and systems. An IP65 rating ensures the monitors can withstand dust ingress and are protected against low-pressure water jets.

Calibrated for ECDIS

Backlight brightness, gamma, and RGB color settings are calibrated at the factory so each monitor achieves accurate color reproduction for meeting the highly specialized requirements of ECDIS systems. The monitors meet IEC 61174, IEC 62288, and IEC 62388 international standards for ECDIS and RADAR applications.

Total Solution for Onboard
and Offshore Port Surveillance

EIZO offers a total solution covering image capture, encoding & decoding, recording, and display for maritime. The solution provides real-time monitoring for both onboard and offshore areas.

Real-Time Surveillance Video

EIZO's IP decoding solutions provide real-time video surveillance for ships, ports, and offshore structures. A range of monitors with IP decoding built in, or a flexible external box solution which can be paired with any size screen, are available. The solutions connect directly to an IP camera or switch via LAN to immediately stream video.

Color Imaging in Low-Lit Conditions

EIZO's ultra-high sensitivity cameras captures color images, even under extremely dim lighting conditions. This provides clear images in dark environments or poor weather conditions. The optical zoom lens equipped model provides further flexibility for viewing objects in the distance.

Enhanced Visibility

EIZO's image optimization systems connect to a camera, recorder, or other image output device via HDMI and process incoming video content to make it easier to see. They use EIZO's unique visibility enhancement technology to analyze and process images in real time without altering the source data.

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